Grand Isle County

June 28, 2010

Today was a tour of Grand Isle County.  21 cemeteries on my list and I made it to all but 3 of them.  Two I couldn’t find due to poor navigating and the last, which I was most excited about I just couldn’t find.

Graveyard Point Cemetery in North Hero is where I was most looking forward to going.  It appears from what I discovered online to be a very old and small cemetery, tucked on a back road.  After driving by where I had thought it to be a couple of times I couldn’t see where it might be hidden.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Cemeteries are magical places.  Today’s adventure yielded some old, but not too unusual cemeteries.

Today’s favorite name: Eaphrasia

Alburgh Center Cemetery, Alburgh - tucked on a private back road although well maintained.

Burying Yard Point Cemetery, Isle Lamotte - a single stone marking where a number of soldiers were buried, both named and un-named.

Bush Cemetery, Alburgh - still used, the old wrought iron gates around this cemetery are beautiful. The most popular carving on stones in the older section of this cemetery was a hand pointing skyward.

Bush Cemetery, Alburgh

Grand Isle Cemetery, Grand Isle - a lamb on a stone most often indicates it is that of a child.

Greenwoods Cemetery, Alburgh - somewhat overgrown and surrounded by an old field fence. This small wooden cross is actually quite recent, 2009.

Greenwoods Cemetery, Alburgh - another oddity in this small cemetery.

Hoag Cemetery, Grand Isle - a small family cemetery, still well maintained.

Hyde Cemetery, North Hero - looking out to the lake this cemetery is till used.

Jerusalem Cemetery, North Hero - bordered by a farm, this small cemetery had a simple but moving epitaph on one of it's stones. "Friends and Physicians could not save, my mortal body from the grave. Nor can the grave confine it here, when Christ shall call it to appear."

Macomber Cemetery, Grand Isle - this tiny family plot is located next to the Quaker Cemetery.

North Cemetery (Methodist Cemetery), Isle Lamotte - many of these old cemeteries still have sections that are used today.

North End Cemetery, North Hero

North End Cemetery, North Hero

Old Stone Church Cemetery, Isle Lamotte

Old Stone Church, Isle Lamotte

Quaker Cemetery, Grand Isle - none of the stones in this cemetery are legible, they are all just small pieces of their former selves.

Quaker Cemetery, Grand Isle - the large stone in the center once had writing carved into it at one time, now there are just shadows of it visible.

Reynolds McGregor Cemetery, Alburgh - two small family cemeteries joined as one, the Reynolds on one side, McGregors on the other and two children, different last names, in the center.

Reynolds McGregor Cemetery, Alburgh

South End Cemetery, North Hero

South Hero Cemetery, South Hero

St. Amadeus Cemetery, Alburgh

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Isle Lamotte


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