She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain….

July 3, 2010

Today brought me up and over the mountain (Breadloaf Mountain that is) and then back.  22 cemeteries before the day was too long, ranging from fairly new, still active, to hardly readable, to old as the Revolutionary War.

Today also won the prize for creepiest cemetery thus far.  This goes to St Therese Cemetery in Ripton.  while at first it just looks a little eccentric upon further evaluation it definitely hits the creep factor.  There is one “normal” stone at the back, a couple, one it appears not dead yet?  The rest, 5 in all, are all babies.  All of them.  Each, except one, is a flat stone on the ground with a mini shrine at the head, missing whatever statuette may have originally been held in it’s shelter.  All of the babies a month old or less….

Regarding names, I couldn’t pick just one so instead have 3 favorites of the day:  Zilpha, Zadook and Tryphena.

Eight cemeteries were missing in action today.  If anyone has any idea how/where to find them please let me know.

East Middlebury:  Rice Cemetery

Salisbury:  Village Cemetery, Nabby Cooper Cemetery

Ripton:  North Goshen Cemetery, Cushman Cemetery

Hancock:  Kirby Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery

Granville:  Hubbard Cemetery

Branch Cemetery, Ripton

Cooks Cemetery, Ripton

East Warren Cemetery, Warren

Elmwood Cemetery, Granville

Foote Street Cemetery, Middlebury

Galvin Cemetery, Ripton

Galvin Cemetery, Ripton

Gea (or Gee) Cemetery, Ripton. The unmarked grave of my Great-Great Grandfather is in this cemetery.

Holman (or Salisbury) Cemetery, Salisbury

Irasville Cemetery, Irasville

Maxham Cemetery, Hancock. Located right on the side of Route 125, this cemetery is the resting place of the Maxham's "and daughters".

North Hollow Cemetery, Granville

North Hollow Cemetery, Rochester

Prospect Cemetery, East Middlebury

South Fayston Cemetery, Waitsfield

South Hollow Cemetery, Granville

St. Therese Cemetery, Ripton

St. Therese Cemetery, Ripton

Village Cemetery, Hancock

Village Cemetery, Waitsfield

Wait Cemetery, Waitsfield

Warren Cemetery, Warren

Warren Cemetery, Warren

Warren Schoolhouse Cemetery, Warren - this cemetery I found on mistake!

Warren Schoolhouse Cemetery, Warren

Wst Salisbury Road Cemetery, Salisbury

West Salisbury Road Cemetery, Salisbury


2 Responses to “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain….”

  1. K.A.M. OWEN said

    I meant to leave you a message when I found this blog – not sure if I did or not, my memory is a bit off…but my family is buried in St. Therese. I think the cemetery is private property but I doubt the residents will mind :).

    Anyway, My dad took me there once years ago but I haven’t visited since. Though after seeing this post, I plan to in the near future. I’ll also have to ask my father about the people buried there. You know what they say – Without knowing your past, you have no future…

    On a side note, I agree the number of children buried there is a bit ‘creepy’ but if you knew some of my family members that still live in the Ripton area, you’d probably understand lol.

    The pictures are beautiful, by the way – all of the photos on this blog are lovely. My sister and I are fairly interested in cemeteries ourselves…though maybe not quite to the extent you are. 🙂 Have a lovely day and a blessed new year.

    Go n-eiri an t-adh leat!
    (It means ‘Good Luck’…we’re Irish.)

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