The original plan was to stop at several cemeteries on the way up and back from our 4th of July celebration in Underhill. 

Given the heat and the fact that my allergies are acting up I decided to forgo today’s expedition so I’m posting a few of my favorites from Cote-de-Neiges in Montreal, hope you enjoy.


Yesterday’s visit to Hope Cemetery in Barre was beautiful as always.  This garden cemetery is one of my favorite in Vermont and has my favorite stone in it.  I’ll post some photos later of this cemetery and it’s beautiful monuments.  I was surprised by the number of other people that were there just looking around at the stones.  None are terribly old in this one but the scale and craftmanship is extrodinary.

I think this weekend will be the beginning of visits to cemeteries that I haven’t visited before in the area, then will branch out.

Today’s bonus is Montreal’s Cote-de-Neiges Cemetery.  Another beautiful garden cemetery, although much older than Hope.

The Journey Starts

June 23, 2010

First let me say, I don’t really mean ALL of Vermont’s cemeteries.  As anyone who lives here knows, there are all sorts of little family plots in backyards, hidden cemeteries in the woods or way off the beaten path where I may never find them.  But my goal is to find as many as possible. 

I am a taphophile (look it up, it’s not dirty).  I love cemeteries, the older the better and especially if it has sculptures.  I have threatened those close to me with hauntings if the day comes and a plain stone is put at my head. 

Although this is titled for Vermont, I will be throwing in occasional postings of other cemeteries that I have or will visit.

Tomorrow I visit Hope Cemetery in Barre VT with friends Brian and Aaron.  This is my favorite cemetery in Vermont for sculpture, the stones seen there are just incredible.