Impromptu Search

July 11, 2010

Evergreen Cemetery, Pittsford. Main gate, "Given by the Young Ladies Society".

Today’s name is dedicated to my Great-Uncle Jack, and the name is….Miehetabel.  That was the name he called anyone whose name he couldn’t remember, and I found it today at the Wetmore Cemetery in Chittenden.

Todays impromptu and un-researched trip brought us through Orwell, part of Pittsford and Chittenden. 

I’m surprised by the fact that so few cemeteries are marked with signs.  With the exception of the Islands, which were incredibly well-marked, rarely on the smaller old cemeteries am I finding others marked.

Evergreen Cemetery, Pittsford. Definitely one of the creepiest stones I've come across.

Baird Cemetery, Chittenden

Bump Cemetery, Chittenden

Horton Cemetery, Chittenden

Lakeview Cemetery, Orwell. Some cemeteries have the best views!

Lakeview Cemetery, Orwell

Mountain View Cemetery, Orwell. The tree stump indicates a child, this was a 10 year old girl. What is unusual about this is the bird. Lambs are a popular animal for children, birds are not often seen.

North Cemetery, Orwell

St. Alphonsus Cemetery, Pittsford

St. Paul's Cemetery, Orwell

Wetmore Cemetery, Chittenden